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At we successfully match people with the companies where they will best develop their potential; and we match companies with the people who will take their business to the next level.


We believe that creating the best solutions in HR services means always doing more, and going further.  Adroit truly understands that the better we know our clients and candidates, the better we can match their needs and find the perfect fit. has five distinct service offerings to meet with the clients needs.



HAVING  TROUBLE WITH AN EMPLOYEE ? has a unique replacement Policy…


If the candidate we supply is found not worthy for the profession, where you can terminate** them and you can have  a Completely Free Replacement for the Candidate you terminate**…


The replacement Policy of is strictly maintained with pride… We have a typical 90 Days replacement policy that guarantees the client that the candidate we supply will be with the company for a minimum of 90 Days…

If the candidate we supply leaves the company within this 90 Days Period of time we offer a Free Replacement…

** Two Prior Notice Has to be Given to the Candidates and to But if the candidate creates a Problem / Mal practice / Miss behaviors / Drinking on Office Hours/ Serious Attitude Problems  that Affects the Work place of the Client, he can be terminated Immediately Without Prior Notice Where in Which this has to be informed to Within 24 hours Of his / her Termination 



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