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Terms and Condition of towards Overseas Employment


  • Reserves the Right of Employment Abroad. Only on the interest of the candidate the process would be initiated and the agreement is signed by both the parties on the conditions stated in the agreement.

  • By signing an Agreement the candidate Agrees to Work in any General Employment available overseas. "General Employment Excludes House Keeping, Cleaning, Washing, and Construction Labor Work".

  • Type and Nature of Employment Depends upon the availability of the Current Employment abroad.

  • If the candidate Visa is rejected by any Embassy, takes the complete Responsibility for obtaining a new visa. The Rejection of visa does not entitle a Refund.

  • The Payment in the agreement includes a Visit Visa / Employment Visa, Invitation by self / Calling Letter, Air Tickets, Status in the country through TRC or by any other available valid Status, Employment Agency Commission, Attorney Fees, Other Charges and a Margin for

  • If the candidate is not interested in the Employment Offered by, The candidate agrees to bare the amount on the Agreement I Signed, Proceeding Further the candidate will not look for any amount as a refund from

  • Does not takes any responsibility on Refund if the candidate did not work in the Employment offered, The Candidate Should Work at least For a period of 2 Months(60 Days) to be eligible for a free Employment change if the promised salary is not been Paid by the employer. Failure to do so will result in Cancellation Of the Agreement Signed between the candidate and

  • does not Takes Responsibility of Candidates who did not work in the assigned work abroad, or for those who left the country without having a Conformation against a written notice to

  • Takes the Complete Responsibility of the Candidate Overseas.

  • If the Candidate Leaves the Place of Employment at the given country offered by and when a new employment is taken by the candidate himself with or without the knowledge of the agreement is No longer valid and is no longer responsible for the Candidate.

  • When the Agreement is voided by the Candidate by any of the mentioned reasons above, The payment towards the agreement would not be refunded back to the Candidate.

  • Reserves the Right on the Refund Policy.    

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