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Refer 3 Friends to Poland and get 25% Discount

on your service charge.

***Conditions Applied

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Visa to Poland.

Poland is one among the 26 Schengan country with a higher employment vacancy. Students travelling to Poland on Student visa are entitled to work in the relavent Industry or in any multinational food companies such us Mc Donald, KFC Subway etc. 

Student of of Poland enjoy a great discount on the Metro, Tram, bus tickets, Hostel and in many restaurant with minimum 10% to max 25% discount on the sale price. 

Employees travelling to poland is free to work with any employer once they apply for a Temporary Resident Card. 

A salary ranging from minimum 65,000 INR to maximum 1,20,000 INR can be expected to any candidates working on a reputed company, Restaurant or at any given trade. 

The Employer takes care of the tax paid to the government hence the employee can high benefits in the place he works. 

The employee of Poland are free to travel to any of the 26 country in the schengan country

Poland economy is stable and it has a constant growth. 

The currency of poland is Zloty. 1 zloty = 18.50 INR.

A student can expect a minimum of 12 zloty / hr to maximum 20 zloty / hr.

An employee of an company can expect a minimum of 15 zloty /hr to maximum 20 zloty /hr.



Citizens of India may Enter Poland on a valid Employment visa Type D or on a valid Student Visa.

In Georgia work usually starts at 8AM or 9AM, and ends at 4PM or 5PM. As elsewhere, the hours vary based on industry. Many Polish take from two weeks to a month for vacation. Unlike Western Europe, in Poland time vacationing is often unpaid. Polish, however, increasingly receive health insurance through private employers, while government covers those who are ineligible.

A local wage will typically be around 3500-5500 Zloty a month range. Having said that, most Polish families have one or more apartments and houses out in the countryside, and when one does not have to pay full private sector rent and can share utilities the local wages will be sufficient for food and drink.

Foreigners working in Poland are either employed by the Company directly. Some large Poland companies may employ foreign managers and consultants. These workers are generally salaried according to Western norms.

One great way for travelers to experience Poland is to participate in the Teach & Learn with Polish program. This program places English-speakers in Polish schools all over the country to assist local teachers in public schools. The Poland government has set ambitious goals to make English as the communicative language of the country.

Stay safe

Most of Poland is very safe for travelers. Crime rates are one of the lowest in Europe. Poland is always safe and reasonable to trust the Polish police. 

Police cars are patrolling streets in Poland cities and towns regularly, and can help in case of trouble, or any other problem on the road.

Use of seat belts is now obligatory and strictly enforced. Radars are installed at all main junctions and on key streets and highways throughout the country.

Process Involved.

This process involves the following condition

  1. Employment offer with a minimum of INR 65,000/- to INR 1,20,000/-. 

  2. Signing up Authorization Document and Legal Bond.

  3. Submission of Original Passport with Passport size Photograph.

  4. Initial Payment.

  5. Submission of Documents at Poland for Invitation (will Take Minimum 45 days - 65 days). (Type D - Employment)

  6. Receiving Original Invitation against the letter of Employment from the Government of Poland.

  7. Mailing of Documents. 

  8. Appointment Booking (which may take upto 70 days).

  9. Submission of Passport at the Poland consulate Mumbai.

  10. Collection of Passport from the Mumbai Consulate.

  11. Ticket booking.

  12. Departure to Poland with Supporting Documents.

  13. Entry to Poland.

  14. Employment Conformation with in the next 2-3 business days.  

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